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Sync & Share

Solve the “shadow IT” problem of employees using online file sharing services outside of IT control. A high-capacity Aquari cluster provides more storage capacity at less cost per user than commercial services.

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Unlock the value of your Big (and constantly growing) Data. Aquari integrates effortlessly and seamlessly supports analytics tools for unstructured data to help unlock actionable insights and discover unforeseen opportunities.

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Video Streaming

Power your next generation video services with the most advanced storage solution for cloud based digital video recording and video on demand. Aquari delivers the performance required to support a diverse range of video applications and open-scaling to get control of rapidly escalating volumes of content.

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Minimize Complexity. Maximize It-Just-Works-Ability.


Minimize complexity with Aquari’s native block storage support for OpenStack. With virtually unlimited scalability using a scale-out storage cluster and a self-healing architecture, Aquari gives you all the capacity you need with non-stop availability. Leaving you more time to focus on serving up servers and less time on spinning up disks.

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Clear a Path for Growth.

Growth is great – provided you have the storage capacity to handle it. Aquari brings the benefits of enterprise-grade scale-out storage built on open-source Ceph® to a variety of increasingly data-intensive industries.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Enhance the breadth, depth and reliability of the services you offer. Aquari leverages Concurrent’s decades of delivering high-availability storage solutions to tier-one service providers around the globe. Whether you are remotely managing storage for your customer or standing up your own storage cloud, Aquari is ideal for reliable, cost-effective revenue generating storage services.

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Media & Entertainment

Sharpen your competitive edge by offering a richer variety of content, applications and services to customers. Aquari is built to handle the all of the applications content distributors want to offer, like cloud DVR, video on demand, time-shared TV, user-generated content, and more. In addition, our scale-out storage can be leveraged to digitize and monetize existing content assets accumulating in your film or tape archives. So you can generate more revenue through existing distribution channels.

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