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Modernize Your Enterprise Storage

Faced with the accelerating, never-ending data deluge, conventional storage strategies simply break down:

  • Migrating to new systems every two or three years is expensive, disruptive and, ultimately, unsustainable.
  • Building independent storage silos for each type of application is inefficient and costly to manage.

Concurrent addresses these data storage challenges with Aquari Storage, a software-defined storage platform with an open architecture. Aquari Storage is a modern storage solution with robust and open management software to help consolidate storage silos and dramatically improve the manageability, performance and total cost of ownership of software-defined storage.

Software Defined Storage

The "3V's" of Visual Media Storage Come Into Sharp Focus When You Consider These Facts


Many media companies are adding between 1PB to 10PB of content to their library per year.


There are dozens of distribution formats and hundreds of profiles for distribution partners to deliver to consumers.


Consumer devices and content preferences are driving 4X growth in Video traffic over the internet by 2021.

Key Features

Software Defined Storage.


Rather than creating storage silos tailored to each application or workload, you can now use a single Aquari Storage cluster to intelligently configure and manage mixed workloads – enabling streamlined operations and simplified data management for businesses and IT administrators

Massive Scalability

True scale-out storage architecture allows you to start with just enough capacity and throughput for your current requirements and easily scale out to exabytes of capacity and terabytes/second of throughput as you need it by easily adding nodes.

Smart Configuration, Management & Monitoring

Aquari CMM software is fully accessible via CLI, GUI and REST API, and allows you to effortlessly control and manage your storage cluster throughout the entire lifecycle.

Flexible Deployment

Aquari Storage is available as software-only with reference designs or available as a turnkey hardware/software solution that has been tested and tuned for optimal performance, whether throughput or capacity or a balance of both is your goal.


Delivers unmatched flexibility by combining object, block and file storage into a single storage platform – S3, Swift, RADOS, RBD, NFS, and SMB

Modern Data Protection

Support for data replication and erasure coding across nodes in the cluster to overcome the limitations associated with traditional RAID architectures. Highly-available, self-healing architecture with no single point of failure guarantees data is not only safe, but always available.

You Manage Your Data, Not The Storage

Manage ever-accelerating data volumes and velocity. With ease.

Capitalize on open source Ceph® technology – stress-tested in the most demanding environments – for virtually unlimited scalability.

In-service upgrades

Achieving exascale capacity is a snap. Think Lego® bricks.

Eliminate guesswork about future storage needs.

Start scaling your storage needs incrementally, on-demand. So you can retire the forklift – forever.

Easy-to-Manage High Performance Storage

Aquari Storage provides a single point of management for your storage – allowing for easy provisioning, management and monitoring of your data. Aquari CMM software is fully accessible via CLI, GUI and REST API, and allows you to effortlessly control and manage your storage cluster throughout the entire lifecycle – from initial setup and configuration to upgrades to replacement of cluster components over time.


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Video Streaming

Power your next generation video services with the most advanced storage solution for cloud based digital video recording and video on demand. Aquari delivers the performance required to support a diverse range of video applications and open-scaling to get control of rapidly escalating volumes of content.

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Sync + Share

Solve the “shadow IT” problem of employees using online file sharing services outside of IT control. A high-capacity Aquari cluster provides more storage capacity at less cost per user than commercial services.

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Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Enhance the breadth, depth and reliability of the services you offer. Aquari leverages Concurrent’s decades of delivering high-availability storage solutions to tier-one service providers around the globe. Whether you are remotely managing storage for your customer or standing up your own storage cloud, Aquari is ideal for reliable, cost-effective revenue generating storage services.

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Minimize complexity with Aquari’s native block storage support for OpenStack. With virtually unlimited scalability using a scale-out storage cluster and a self-healing architecture, Aquari gives you all the capacity you need with non-stop availability. Leaving you more time to focus on serving up servers and less time on spinning up disks.

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