Agile Media Operations: Why Efficiency Is Never Enough

It is a basic business truth that you must be efficient to be successful. But while efficiency is good, agility is better. Agility takes efficiency, and then adds flexibility and impact. Think of the best sports people in history, and ask yourself whether their agility was more important than efficiency (for example, their fitness and stamina)?  […]

Modernize to Monetize – how accessibility drives revenue

The internet has created a revolution in how we consume content. Music was the first media form affected: Napster, then iTunes, unbundled music content and changed the economics of buying music. As network bandwidth and device capabilities improved, video content followed the same path. YouTube and Netflix have developed huge audiences by providing video content […]

The “Client-Cluster” Model: An Untapped Benefit of Software Defined Storage

Storage analysts forecast the global software defined storage (SDS) market to grow at a CAGR of 31.6% during the period 2016-2020. While customers are drawn to its attractive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), SDS solutions should also offer the following three benefits: Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware Seamless capacity and performance scaling Convergence of block, file, […]

Top Five Storage Infrastructure Trends for 2017

1. Modern Will Be the New Software-Defined Isn’t everyone tired of hearing software-defined at the front of every new product or innovation? Not only has it been over-used to the point of meaninglessness, it is also tough to say to a customer or investor without inducing a reflexive eye-roll. Now don’t get mean wrong, software […]

Making Set-Top Boxes Obsolete

We’re changing the game for network service providers.  Our new premium 4K over-the-top (OTT) video services will make set-top boxes obsolete.  Powered by our Aquari™ software defined storage and UpShift™ unified content delivery solutions, we can deliver a full featured 4K Ultra HD TV viewing experience to consumers. It includes live streaming, video-on-demand and cloud […]

Concurrent Goes Over-the-Top at IBC 2016

Newest Solutions Aimed at Broadcasters and Internet-Based Video Service Providers                                                 We’re here in Amsterdam at IBC 2016 with an important message for broadcasters. Our Aquari™ software-defined storage and UpShift™ content delivery technologies […]

We’re Clouding… Everybody’s Doing It!

By Scott Ryan How many times have I heard one of these in meetings in the past few months: “So our plan is, we’re moving everything to the cloud.” “Yeah, we’re just gonna moving it all to the cloud.” “The edict is: move everything to the cloud.” “It’s all going to the cloud eventually.” When […]

Is Storage the Ancient Artifact in Your Modern Data Center Strategy?

Many customers we have spoken to are frustrated with their next generation storage options. While data center solutions have been advancing rapidly, storage technology has struggled to keep up. Big data, social media, and media-rich data has been expanding and evolving at an incredible rate. Meanwhile, legacy storage systems have become more and more fragmented […]

Confessions of a Music Nerd

A couple of weeks ago I was in Santiago, Chile. I got in one day early, so I did what I usually do when I am traveling….I went to a record store. I usually try to look for something local that I can’t easily find at home in Atlanta, and Santiago did not disappoint. When […]

Rethinking the Video Supply Chain with Open-Source Technology

I’m an avid guitar player. When I first starting playing in college, I would periodically go to the bookstore and buy a song book containing the guitar chords for the songs I wanted to play. My favorite was (and still is) John Mellencamp’s “The Best That I Could Do” song collection. Unfortunately, I always found […]

I Want My CVR

The moment the LEDs on my VCR stopped blinking 12:00 I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. By figuring this out, I was in rare company and I gained just little bit more control over my life. Now, I could go out on a Thursday night and not miss the latest Seinfeld and Friends […]

‘Up, Up, and Away’ for In-Season Episode Stacking Agreements

Has anyone else seen the Amazon Fire commercial about the lady sitting on her couch in the dark, crying about the “show hole” after binge watching an entire TV series? I hate to say it, but my first reaction to that commercial was annoyance… surely Amazon isn’t the only way for someone to watch an […]

Ceph: Is Storage Having its Linux Moment?

Come with me in my time machine for a moment. Back to the ancient days of the 90s: quartet singers, Victorian architecture, the Babbage Difference Engine…wait, not the 1890s. The 1990s: grunge music, McMansions, and the Mosaic browser. Remember in those days we also had things called “open systems”, which were servers instead of mainframes […]

Dear RAID, It’s not me…. It’s you.

RAID, you have been around for my entire career, and you did a great job for a long time. But, now that hard drives are approaching 10 TB, our relationship is over…and it has been for several years. Sure, you still work well enough with small drives, and even for some workloads… OLTP and high […]

Using Open Source Software In The Enterprise

There has been a massive change in the technology mindset over the last decade. Previously, enterprises relied heavily upon, and trusted, proprietary applications for their business critical needs and distrusted anything open-source as “freeware”. To ensure high-performance, you had to run purpose-built applications on a proprietary operating system on custom hardware. Today, however, the mindset is […]

Storage is Critical for Collaboration Apps

Earlier this year, the Altimeter group reported that we are using an average of 30 apps a day to collaborate and work with one another. No wonder it seems like I am constantly logging into one app or another to update or approve something for one of my many projects. Because most of this data […]

Streaming Media Reaches New Heights

Since this is my first blog post, I decided to write about two things that I’m passionate about – NFL Football and Streaming Media. I’ve been an avid Buffalo Bills fan since I was 7 years old and I have devoted the past 20+ years of my career to innovations in streaming technologies and the […]

Fundamental Change in the Video Industry

I have been working in the video industry for more than 15 years and have seen a lot of change over that time. In 2000, TV-based video on-demand (VOD) was in its infancy. There was no YouTube, no Netflix, and no Internet capable of supporting video streaming. Fast-forward to today and it is hard to […]

3 Ways Big Data Thrives with Ceph Storage

The rain in Atlanta has finally stopped, and I decided to catch up on some industry reading. Sitting on the patio, I was surprised by an Accenture/GE study showing that 88% of executive respondents were working on big data projects. What surprised me wasn’t the high percentage, but rather the breadth of businesses looking to […]

Scale-Up vs. Scale-Out Storage…Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

Today marks the end of my third month at Concurrent and my first post for the Concurrent blog. It has been a hectic few months, with a lot of development meetings, positioning meetings, sales meetings, meetings about meetings, and even a trip to VMworld. In my contributions to this blog you can expect to find […]

Black Friday’s Big Data Problem

There has been a lot of controversy over Black Friday, a day that has been traditionally known as the kick-off to the holiday shopping season. With stores opening earlier and earlier each year, employees are fighting back with a petition at asking retailers to stay closed to give them more time with family and […]