Black Friday’s Big Data Problem

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Black Friday’s Big Data Problem

There has been a lot of controversy over Black Friday, a day that has been traditionally known as the kick-off to the holiday shopping season. With stores opening earlier and earlier each year, employees are fighting back with a petition at asking retailers to stay closed to give them more time with family and friends during Thanksgiving. Seemingly stores are listening and pushing more and more consumers to go online. With Retail Giants such as Amazon offering new discounts every 5 minutes, and Wal-Mart offering ten brand new online specials every day through Cyber Monday, retailers will be gaining a wealth of new data about their consumers.

The question becomes “what do you do with all this new data?” Just as consumers are having to make room in already full attics and garages, retailers are having to find space in already full storage arrays. Adding refrigerator sized server racks can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in storage costs, not to mention the headache associated with migrating storage.  The holidays provide enough headaches if you ask me.

Not only does cost become an issue, but with legacy scale-up architectures adding new capacity to an existing array can reduce the performance of the storage system overall. However, a fancy new option has hit the market…(drum roll please)…flexible scale-out storage.

Scale-out storage makes it possible to scale performance and capacity simultaneously, meaning adding space to capture data about all those new consumer buying habits doesn’t decrease performance of your system and instead, enhances it. As an added benefit the next-generation scale-out systems on the market today, such as Aquari, have the ability to scale to extremely high levels and eliminate the need for array migrations, saving time and money – and during this time of year, that’s a win-win.

If more storage is on your wishlist this holiday season, contact a Concurrent storage specialist to get you the best deal of the year.