Making Set-Top Boxes Obsolete

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Making Set-Top Boxes Obsolete

We’re changing the game for network service providers.  Our new premium 4K over-the-top (OTT) video services will make set-top boxes obsolete.  Powered by our Aquari™ software defined storage and UpShift™ unified content delivery solutions, we can deliver a full featured 4K Ultra HD TV viewing experience to consumers. It includes live streaming, video-on-demand and cloud based digital video recording—all available directly from consumer-owned devices via the Internet.

Our OTT solution is revolutionizing the industry by increasing the number of outlets service providers can address and enabling them to activate new customers instantly. Additionally, it reduces the cost associated with activating a new revenue generating account. No set-top box means faster set up and lower expense in deployment and maintenance.

Six of the top 25 service providers in North America and several operators in Europe are now using Aquari to power their next-generation video services.

Here are the components of our new solution:

  1. Aquari Software-Defined Storage

Concurrent’s software-defined, open-source, scale-out storage technology includes exabyte scaling, support for multiple workloads, and RAID-free self-healing data protection, making it ideal for high capacity VOD and cloud-based digital video recording (CDVR) applications.

  1. UpShift Content Delivery Solutions

Upshift, the world’s leading unified content delivery network (CDN) solution, now features support for virtual reality and 4K Ultra HD content to help drive additional stream demand and create new opportunities for revenue growth.

  1. 100% Software-Based Transcoding Solution

Concurrent’s new service supports both live and file-based workflows and is pre-integrated with UpShift CDN, making it easier than ever to launch multi-screen OTT and CDVR services.

Come check us out at SCTE’s Cable-Tec Expo in Philadelphia on September 27-29, 2016.  We’ll be showing off our new capabilities to everyone at the show. You can find us at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, booth 1429.

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