Scalable Media Storage, Transcoding and Delivery for Content Providers

Scalable media storage for content providers

Concurrent builds the most scalable and high-performance systems to support every content owner’s media operations from ingest through delivery. Even as end-user consumption changes your business model. Whether live, on demand, direct-to-consumer or through distribution, Concurrent has the technology and expertise to support you.

Learn more about what solutions Concurrent has to offer and let us know how we can help you transform your business for the future.

Media Operations Storage

Today you have multiple storage systems supporting applications across your operation. Why not share storage capacity between applications? Minimizing costly data migrations and moving media assets faster within your environment.

Media Operations Storage Brief

Media Archive Storage

Media archives are growing quickly with HD, 4K, 8K and beyond. Tape is often considered inexpensive, but the TCO of tape is higher than perceived and limits monetization of video assets. Object is a cost effective and higher performance solution for media archives.

Media Archive Storage Brief

MAM & Transcode Storage

MAM workloads have grown exponentially in recent years with growth in VOD and OTT delivery. Time to prepare content for distribution is business critical. Speed up your content preparation workflow, while fully protecting your valuable content and metadata.

MAM & Transcode Storage Brief

Hybrid CDN

Getting started in delivering your own content can be daunting. Utilizing a public CDN service is simple but expensive. Private CDN v Public CDN doesn’t need to be an either/or decision. Meld Public CDN with Private CDN to optimize cost, performance and resilience. Winning.

Hybrid CDN Brief