MediaScaleX // Cache™


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Optimizing Delivery of OTT Video and TVE Streaming

MediaScaleX // Cache™, a comprehensive multi-tiered caching solution, reduces latency and network utilization for video service providers to maximize the delivery of over-the-top (OTT) and TV Everywhere (TVE) video services to their customers. As end-users consume video in massive amounts and in an increasing number of ways, service providers need flexible solutions in place to ensure that they can deliver content quickly and easily regardless of their customer’s device or location.

Key Features

Unified Cache and Streaming

Provides intelligent caching for Live Streaming, Time-shift TV, cloud DVR, and Video On Demand services.

Optimized ABR Handling

MediaScaleX // Cache™ handles both caching and streaming of Live and VOD IP ABR formats including HLS, HSS, DASH to deliver content to clients at higher speeds and with lower latency.

Hardware-assisted HTTPS

Enables high performance data protection by supporting content encryption requirements without losing streaming density

Request Router Technology

Efficiently directs stream requests to the optimal caching server to maximize the viewer experience. Supports redundancy, session management, tokenization, load balancing and ABR profile groups

Support for Multiple Caching Scenarios

MediaScaleX // Cache™ can be deployed at the Edge for maximized quality of experience and minimized latency, in Intermediate locations to save network cost, and at the Origin to reduce the storage I/O and Origin egress requirements

Flexible Deployment

MediaScaleX // Cache™ runs on qualified commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, and can be licensed as a bundled hardware appliance, virtual machine, or container-based software package