MediaScaleX // Origin™


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Transforming Video Content for Greater Revenue Generation

MediaScaleX // Origin™ offers video service providers the most comprehensive origin platform for ingesting, hosting, and distributing video content to any device, any time, over any network. MediaScaleX // Origin™ uses a common integrated architecture to enable service providers to launch live video streaming, video on demand, catch up TV, restart TV, and cloud DVR services to IP devices and traditional cable set-top boxes.

Origin Server for Live Video

Key Features

Time Shift TV

Allows consumers to pause live TV, rewind programs even if they just tuned to the channel, go back to the beginning of a show they are currently watching, and view shows previously broadcast.

Cloud DVR (cDVR)

Concurrent’s Cloud DVR solution enables consumers to record live video content in the network and watch it later on any device, over any network.

Live Streaming

Just-in-time repackaging and DRM encapsulation of HTTP adaptive bit rate content enables video to be streamed simultaneously to many different viewing devices over public or private content delivery networks (CDNs).

Video On Demand (VOD)

Gives service providers the ability to efficiently and affordably deliver popular on demand services to customers on any device they choose.

Multi-Screen Delivery

With support for cable set-top-boxes and IP devices, MediaScaleX // Origin™ eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming preprocessing of content into multiple formats and DRM encryption schemes.

JIT Packaging

Allows for real-time packaging of visual media content into the appropriate protocol when the content is requested by the viewer, rather than needing to store many variations of prepackaged content.

Software Defined Storage.

JIT Transcode

Allows for the creation of individual profile variants on-the-fly as needed and deliver them to a JIT packager to create the appropriate formats.

DRM Integration

Offers simplified integration with multiple digital rights management (DRM) vendors.