MediaScaleX // Transcode™


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Unmatched Video Quality for Playback on Any Device

MediaScaleX // Transcode™ software provides unsurpassed video quality through shared computing resources for processing of audio and video content. Supporting any input and output, MediaScaleX // Transcode™ enables service providers, broadcasters, and content owners to support live and file workflows over common infrastructure while supporting configurable quality levels.

Zephyr Transcode

Key Features

Software-Based Transcoding

100% software-based to take the advantage of the latest advancements in CPU processing technology. Supporting new functionality, such as HEVC, 4K, and 8K, File and Live is easily enabled on your existing hardware platform.

Audio Compression and Pre-processing

Supports the latest standards in audio compression with AAC and AC-3. Optional software support to implement the CALM Act Compliance designed to prevent digital television commercial advertisements from being transmitted at louder volumes than the program material they accompany.

File and Live Workflows

Simplified workflows enable flexibility for both linear transcoding and adaptive streaming applications while seamlessly integrating both live and file input and output.

Advanced Video Processing

Automatically insert metadata information such as signaling, captions, graphics, languages, logos, and watermarks and embed on output for further customization of your content delivery.

Multiple Simultaneous Outputs

Simultaneous output a mix of streams at multiple resolutions and frame rates for multiple target devices. Support 4K, HD, SD, QAM, IP / OTT output from a single platform

Configurable Video Quality Levels

VQX Adjusts allows operators to select, on a per channel basis, the setting level of video processing algorithms. This provides unlimited ability to maximize video quality as a function of CPU utilization and network bandwidth for different use cases.