Service Provider Solutions

Scalable Storage with The Flexibility of Private or Hybrid CDN

Concurrent has been developing solutions for service providers to deliver advanced, revenue-generating video services for years. We work together with our customers to define, develop and support solutions that exceed their needs and longevity expectations.

Learn more about what solutions Concurrent has to offer and let us know how we can implement a solution for you.

Single Platform Storage

Today you have multiple storage systems for your media assets for different purposes. Why not share storage capacity between applications? Minimizing costly data migrations and moving content faster within your environment.

Single Platform Storage Brief

Software Defined Storage.

Media Delivery Springboard

Getting started with a CDN used to be expensive and complex. Get started now with an entry level video on demand and live streaming system, and grow your system and services as your demand grows. Simple.

Media Delivery Springboard Brief

Private CDN

Concurrent has the world’s leading solution for transcoding, packaging, storing, distributing, and streaming video content to any device, anytime, over any network. Live, On Demand, Catch-Up, Lookback and cloud DVR are all supported.

Private CDN Brief

Hybrid CDN

Your audience wants content anywhere, and your customer loyalty depends on delivering this content well.  But distribution costs are limiting your business growth choices. Meld Public CDN with Private CDN to optimize cost, performance and resilience.

Hybrid CDN Brief